OUTFIT: Leather Jacket

Study finds "owning a cool leather jacket is more rewarding than raising children" - Well, I´m not a parent (yet) but I guess a cool leather jacket is not too bad. They say watching your leather jacket slowly adapting to your body shape and perfectly becoming a part of you makes you more happy than watching your children grow up. Damn, I hope my mum still loves me more than her biker jacket... You cannot believe that? Read the article. "The Onion" Sounds like a serious newspaper to me.  

trousers - dr. Denim, Jacket - HIDE, Shirt - Vintage, Boots - Buffalo (old), Backpack - Zara 


INSPIRATION: 7 Days to Paris!

One more week to go till PARIS! Juule and I are beyond excited and collecting TIPS from all over the Internet. If you guys have ever been to Paris, please tell us everything you feel to share with us. We are happy about every tip we can get and are lucky to have found a nice Air BnB Flat close to the canal in St. Martin. Especially Supermarket recommendations are welcome, we travel low-budget as always. 


FOOD: House of Small Wonders

Are you a Matcha - Lover, too? Well if so, check out House of Small Wonders close to Oranienburgerstrasse In Berlin. The loveliest Restaurant ever offers you Japanese breakfast, featuring Miso-soup and Rice Cakes, all kinds of Teas and my favorite Matcha - Cappucino ever. I mean, look at it: its a Pandabear. Just like that - I did not ask for anything more than a heavenly Matcha - Cappuccino but they made my day so much better by surprising me in such a cute way. So, if you like nice people, Matcha, Interior Inspiration and good Food: 

House of Small Wonders
Johannisstrasse 20


OUTFIT: hangin with my sister

My sister and I had a long and terrible history full of fights, biting, picking each others eyes (ouch) destroying each others braces, pushing, pulling hair, setting things on fire (ok, that actually didn't happen) and doing embarrassing things in front of her friends, such as showing her nudie baby-photos around. But now were all grown up, she had her graduation and I even came to see that, before heading off to berlin, writing another test and failing it because I got two hours of sleep on the bus. But its worth it, because she is the most amazing little girl on earth. She graduated, will keep on going to an art school and will probably not set my flat on fire when she comes to visit me in august. I´m proud as hell, little Sister. 


BEAUTY: best scents

Just leaving this here real quick - Whenever a massive hangover bothers me or I just feel like treating myself (which is me on the regular), I go for &otherstories products on a daily base. I love those unique scents and the fact that they recycle their packaging - if you go in stores and leave your empty bottles, you get 10% off your next purchase. So its really worth it :) Also, I go for one specific perfume for three years now: La Lune from the Tarot Selection of D&G. Unfortunately, Its not available on the market anymore - so I might collect the rests from eBay. What are your favorite scents? 


OUTFIT: Dotted

So the worst part is over - Strategy is officially not my problem anymore. Today I am writing my psychology exam and am looking forward to it. Not only because its the last one for now and I am only supposed to write 100 Essays afterwards, but also because it means that a whole lot of pressure is falling off my shoulders. This is what I wore when I visited my little sister to celebrate her graduation with her - she is btw the greatest girl I know in the universe. And a pretty good photographer.