Food: Brunch at Ungeheuer Neukölln

I love sundays! Especially if you know you will get some really good food prepared for you, from someone else with love.  I usually search at Stil in Berlin for places to eat, but this one surprised me when a friend decided to spent her Birthday there (at Night) I had a glance at the menu and wanted to eat there, so I checked their Facebook and was slightly amazed when I saw their fruity decor. I am, as I usually say, very easy to impress. And thats great, because my expectations are very low when it comes to food (I grew up with a working mum who had like 0 cooking skills.) However, UNGEHEUER in Neukölln offers a great balanced menu with not too many options (which I also like) and has as many vegetarian options as meat eater options. I had an omelet (veggie) and my boyfriend went for the vegan brunch. I think the price was absolutely reasonable for the stuffing food we got (mine was 7€, the vegan brunch was like 10€)
if you're free on a sunday, just get them on the phone, ask them for a table and get there. the decor, the coffee and the food are on point and will definitely sate you:
Emserstrasse 23 - Berlin 

Outfit: Styling Workwear Basics

 Basics are the best! And honestly, dressing up takes five Minutes and less if your wardrobe consists of a capsule collection (only) - I´ve been selling at the Nightfleamarket in Berlin and its been more or less a success. I got rid of 2/3 of my "trendy" clothes and will continue to reduce my wardrobe to the basics in the upcoming months. My current favorite Basic are the skinny Blue Jeans. Thinking about the fact that I wore black denims for years only, I might have missed out on a great basic piece for the office. All blue seems to be my new all black. The Blouse is pretty old with its four years, so I liked some alternatives down there. What do you wear on a normal office day? Tell me in the comments (: (German Text below)

Blazer - UNIQLO x Lemaire, find a similar one here or here
Jeans - Kauf dich Glücklich, similar here
Shirt* - Here or similar here and here
Shoes* - Converse Allstars
Bag - 3.1 Phillip Lim Alix Bag
Watch* - Klarf Watches

Inspiration: Summer Stripes and Aztec Patterns

Stripes for Summer? Groundbreaking. I know this is not the most creative Edit, but: It combines everything I want for the upcoming seasons: easy shapes, oversized silhouettes and patterns in black, white, grey and blue. Maritim vibes in blue-white stripes and Linen and Denim are always a good choice, especially paired with good old Birkenstocks. I am really looking forward to the next trip to the sea, although I am not the type of person who stays in the bright sunshine without whining. Anyway, for now I enjoy spring to the fullest and hope summer can wait a bit - until then, enjoy the inspiration! 

OUTFIT: Oversized everything

its bitter cold again (at least for today) and I went for a boyfriend jeans, an oversized striped shirt and Leather. I discovered my Love for Chucks Allstars again and feel a revival of my good old emodays again haha. Thinking about Storms and My Instagram Picture, I think in 2007 it would have made a great Myspace Photo :D I used to paint little stars on my Chucks back then, as a Teen. Now I realized again, they are the comfiest shoes ever and I wonder what I wore instead the past nine years. I will definitely rock Allstars again in the upcoming summer. Read the german text below.

Jacket - Esprit (similar on sale here)
Shirt - ZARA (similar on SALE here and here)
Jeans - Esprit (similar on SALE here)
Bag - &otherstories (old)

Warum macht uns Slut Shaming Spaß?

Es ist einer dieser sommerlichen Frühlingstage und ich komme gerade von der Arbeit. Ich sitze in der Bahn und fahre Heim, Richtung Kreuzberg mittlerweile. Bis vor einer Weile war noch die U9 meine Bahn und da fuhren nicht so viele Familien mit. Um mich herum sitzen nun Mütter mit Kinderwägen, sie spielen oder füttern oder beantworten jede Frage, die ihre Kinder stellen mit "Aha, ja." - Ich frage mich, ob ich auch ein mal so werde. Bis eine junge Frau die Bahn betritt.

Sie ist wahnsinnig hübsch und sieht aus wie eine Jenner , nur ohne die chirurgischen Eingriffe. 

Ihre Haare sind in diese typischen Boxer-Zöpfe geflochten, die gerade alle auf Instagram präsentieren, die mindestens Brustlanges Haar haben. Ihre Shorts sind dem Wetter angemessen kurz und sie telefoniert per Headset. 
Ich beobachte die Mütter um mich herum und sie starren alle wie Erdmännchen auf die junge Frau. Irgendwie ahne ich schon, was sie denken, weil sie sie panisch mustern und hastig ihre Smartphones zücken und darauf rumtippen. Am liebsten will ich ihr ein Kompliment machen, aber irgendwie traue ich mich nie, wenn es angebracht ist - ich bin einfach viel zu creepy und irgendwie seltsam und ich glaube, wenn ich in ihrer Situation wäre, merkend wie mich alle mustern, würde ich ich sofort abhauen.